Glastic CBC Solder Pallet Materials

Engineering Material Solutions You Can Rely On

When you need process carriers for wave solder and surface mount applications, you can depend on Glastic's CBC materials, engineered with solutions in mind.

Glastic CBC products are high strength and offer excellent resistance to chemicals that exist in soldering applications. These products were also designed to perform long term in high-temperature applications. This high-strength, rigid composite can solve placement issues that can occur in surface mount assembly.

Semi-Conductive: CBC-C and CBC-NBC are semi-conductive grades of CBC composites.

Industry's Widest Variety of Process Carrier Materials for Wave Solder and Surface Mount Applications

Glastic's CBC pallet carrier materials are available in three grades to meet your needs. All grades are lightweight, and offer advantages over aluminum, titanium and other composite materials. Dimensional stability, flatness, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance make these products ideal for the hostile environments presented in wave solder applications. We offer the industry's widest variety of pallet materials. CBC is non-conductive, CBC-C is semi-conductive, and CBC-NBC is both semi-conductive and optically reflective.

All versions of Glastic CBC materials are closely checked for warp, twist, surface resistivity and other key properties prior to being micro-sanded to the tightest tolerance control available.