Glastic Gold Member Pre-tensioned Fiber Reinforcements

GoldMember™ fiber reinforcements are available in ribbon, tape and rounds that can be applied to thermoplastic and thermoset plastics as well as wood and metals to add strength, rigidity, and flexibility without adding excessive weight. These materials are ideal for reinforcing:

  • Truck floors
  • Plastic wood deck or dock boards
  • Attaching to, or embedding into, plastic top rails, spindles, and posts for fences
  • Sign and lamp posts
  • Embedding as strength members inside fiberglass boats
  • Support members in SMC vehicle hood and fenders
  • Plastic pallets and containers
  • Adding to RIM pre-forms
  • Snowboards, snow skis, water skis and hockey sticks
  • Scaffolding planks and high strength composite pipes
  • Glued and laminated wood composite structural members