GLASROD® Solid Rod and Bar Structural Fiberglass Composites

Design Solutions Shaped to Fit Your Needs for a Wide Range of Structural and Electrical Applications

GLASROD® Solid Rod and Bar structural fiberglass composites are widely used in such electrical, industrial and construction applications as:

  • Transformer Spacer Sticks
  • Operating Rods
  • Strain Insulators
  • Tension Members
  • Tent Poles
  • Tool Handles
  • Hand RailsSports Equipment
  • Fence Posts
  • Agricultural Pens
  • Antenna Guys
  • Conduit Snakes
  • Standoff Insulators
  • Structural Supports

Stock Size Availability

Rectangular, Square, “A”, “Dogbone” and Round Rod are available — in stock — through a convenient nationwide network of Authorized Röchling Glastic Distributors and Fabricators. Angle, channel and tubular configurations are also produced by Röchling Glastic Composites, a full-line supplier of fiberglass reinforced polyester insulation materials.

Custom Capabilities

We welcome the opportunity to address your specific needs. Contact Customer Service or your local Sales Representative for quotations on custom shapes and sizes.