Pultruded Composite Tubing

Grade UTR Composite Pultruded Tubing is a fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester composite in a pultruded tube. It is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories. It is flame resistant, track resistant. and it has a UL® index rating of 130°C electrical and 160°C mechanical.

Grade UTR tubing exhibits uncommon dimensional stability. It is impervious to high humidity or immersion. It is also strong and durable (with a burst strength of 1200 psi to 1400 psi); yet it is easily chamfered and cut with carbide or diamond saws.

Pultruded Tubing Composites are ideal for numerous tubing applications, and commonly used for a wide variety of fuses, from simple 15 amp fuses to heavy-duty 600 amp fuses. They are available in virtually any length or size in the standard color black; yet they can be customized to accommodate a range of other color preferences.

  • UL Recognized
  • Highly Flame Resistant
  • Arc & Track Resistant
  • Uncommon Dimensional Stability
  • Strong & Durable; Yet Easily
  • Cut & Chamfered
  • Cost-Effective