Structural Composite Angles and Channels

Electric Insulating Structural Products Shaped to Meet Your Needs

Röchling Glastic structural composite materials are available in numerous channel and angle configurations. We are the only manufacturer with a full line of pultruded angles and channels that all meet or exceed NEMA GPO-3 specifications. In addition to outstanding electrical properties, these structural composite angles and channels have a high strength-to-weight ratio, and are UL® Recognized and flame, arc and track resistant.

Röchling Glastic Composites pultruded channels and angles are similar in material construction to the Grade UTR flame and track resistant laminates. A small amount of continuous glass roving is added to aid in pultrusion processing. These high-strength pultruded shapes have a wide variety of uses in both electrical and non-electrical applications. They are arc and track resistant and have a UL94 rating of V0. These versatile GPO-3 shapes are easily machined to fit a variety of needs in electrical design and construction. They are readily available in a variety of profile sizes and lengths.